Private Traders & Corporates

We empower traders globally to trade smarter and react faster to opportunities in the market with our user-friendly platforms and services.​​

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Trade Spot, Forward Outrights and Options on competitive live streaming prices.

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FX Options


​Hedge your positions with Options on Stocks, Futures and Stock Indices.

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Professionals & Institutions

We provide API liquidity services and real-time access to global investment opportunities across multiple assets from a single account with one margin calculation​.​
Saxo Institutional


Put your Stock portfolio to work by using it as collateral for your margin trading.
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Leverage your portfolio with volume discounts down to $1.50 commissions with no ticket fee.
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Banks and Brokers

We offer White Labels cloud-based trading technology, settlement and back-office services and a multi-asset offering for Introducing Brokers with self-trading clients.​​

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Trade Stocks, Indices, Forex, Commodities and more on 30 exchanges with low cost.
9,000+ CFDs available


6,000 government and cor-porate bonds in 21 currencies. Very low commissions of 0.08%.
Optimise your Portfolio with Bonds

Three reasons to trade with Saxo Bank:

Multi-asset means more opportunity.

Bear, bull or flat? Profit from all of them with FX, CFDs, Futures, Options, Stocks, ETFs and Bonds on a user-friendly platform.
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Green Pricing means no slippage

All trades executed with Saxo Bank’s Green Pricing concept are always with no slippage. The price you see is exactly the same price you will find on your trade confirmation.
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Customer service, trading insights and support in your language of choice. London, Zürich, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and more.
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Saxo Bank’s personalized touch, extensive range of asset classes,
scalable technology and people were the differentiating factors for us!
Brett Duncan, Standard Bank

Our technology and liquidity is used by major banks worldwide:
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