Working at Saxo Bank

At Saxo Bank, it’s all about the right people. For more than a decade, Saxo Bank’s success as a specialist in online trading and investment has come from its employees’ talent, passion and drive to innovate. Saxo Bank believes that its employees’ development goes hand in hand with the growth of its business, and strives to allow its people the opportunity to work at their best. That’s why a career at Saxo Bank is more than simply a job – it’s an opportunity to invest in your future.

Saxo Bank offers challenging careers in a unique, internationally-focused business. Read more about Saxo Bank in the following sections, and explore the opportunities available today.

International workspace

From London to Singapore, today’s global financial markets are more accessible than ever before. As a specialist in online trading and investment, Saxo Bank has a strong international focus with offices in major financial centres worldwide and a multinational workforce attuned to the needs of clients based in over 180 countries around the globe. Working at Saxo Bank is a gateway to new ideas and fresh perspectives, ensuring that you grow professionally and personally in a business that is always on the move.

Headquartered in Copenhagen, more than 95% of Saxo Bank’s trading revenue is generated by customers outside Denmark, so having a strong international presence is vital to the Bank’s aim of improving client sales and service. Today, Saxo Bank is represented in more than 20 countries, including offices in the world’s leading financial hubs of London, Paris, Milan, Zurich, Singapore and Tokyo. With a career at Saxo Bank, you will be part of an internationally focused team, regularly interacting with clients and collaborating with colleagues across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Australia.

Bringing international talent together

Diversity comes naturally to Saxo. With over 1,300 employees, spanning 54 nationalities and speaking 40 different languages, the Group is a microcosm of cultures, backgrounds and experience. But as diverse as Saxo’s employees are, they share a passion for their work and are united in providing the best products, platforms and services for Saxo’s clients around the globe. The result is a distinctly international workplace that includes everyone in a shared mission to make Saxo Bank Group the world’s most profitable and professional facilitator in the global capital markets.

Nurturing innovation

Online trading is evolving at a rapid pace. That’s why, at Saxo Bank, innovation is a crucial part of the culture. The Bank nurtures innovation by encouraging new ideas and promoting individual ownership of projects and tasks. In that way, every challenge – and every achievement – in your career belongs to you. You’ll also find the support you need to drive ideas to action quickly, so you can deliver results that make a difference for customers. And because innovation springs from the individual, Saxo Bank ensures that there’s always room for each employee to work and grow in their own unique way.

Big Data - Big Opportunities

The emergence of so-called ‘Big Data’ has the potential to revolutionise the way companies interact with their clients. In 2014, Saxo Bank became an early adopter within the financial industry. By leveraging its data science capabilities, Saxo Bank is able to deliver the best possible trading experience in a way which takes into account the characteristics of our growing and diverse international client base and their evolving requirements.

Challen​ging careers

As a technology-driven investment bank serving clients around the globe, Saxo Bank is at the cutting edge of an ever-changing industry where high finance meets high tech. Every employee at Saxo Bank plays a critical role in keeping clients connected, liquidity flowing and information online, 24 hours a day. A Saxo Bank career is challenging but, if you’re up to the challenge, there’s no limit to where your talent can take you.