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Saxo Bank A/S is a fully licensed European bank under the supervision of Danish FSA. Saxo Bank A/S is subject to stringent financial reporting requirements under EU directives and specific regulations regarding client handling.

The European Investment Directive was introduced in 1996, and on 2 May that year, Saxo Bank A/S (then known as Midas) became the first broker in Denmark to gain approval under this directive. In June 2001, the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority approved a banking licence and the company officially became Saxo Bank A/S.

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Saxo Bank ownership

Saxo Bank A/S is a privately owned company. The co-founders Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen each own 25.71% of the Bank’s shares, while TPG Capital owns 29.26% of the shares. The remaining shares are held by minority shareholders including Sinar Mas Group with 9.9% ownership and a number of current and former employees of the Bank.

License and regulation details

Saxo Bank A/S (company registration no. 15731249) is incorporated in Denmark as a licensed bank (license no. 1149) and is regulated – along with Saxo Bank A/S Italy, Saxo Bank A/S Czech Republic, Saxo Bank A/S Netherlands, Saxo Bank A/S Cyprus – by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) - Finanstilsynet, Århusgade 110, 2100, København Ø. Further details regarding the Danish FSA and the license of Saxo Bank A/S may be viewed at As a member of the European Union, Denmark has incorporated the EU Banking and Investment Directives into Danish law.

Saxo Capital Markets UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Firm reference number 551422).

Saxo Bank A/S Italy is registered by the Bank of Italy (Registration Number: 5720).

Saxo Bank A/S Czech Republic is registered by the Czech National Bank (Registration Number: 28949587).

Saxo Bank A/S Netherlands is registered by the Bank of the Netherlands (Registration Number: 34357130).

Saxo Bank A/S Cyprus is registered by the Bank of Cyprus (Registration Number: AE2674).

Saxo Capital Markets Pte. Ltd. Singapore is licensed as a Capital Market Services provider and an Exempt Financial Advisor, and is supervised by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. Co. (Registration Number: 200601141M).

Saxo Bank (Switzerland) AG is a licensed bank regulated by the Swiss Federal Banking Commission (Registration Number CH-660-0511991-1).

Saxo Banque (France) SAS is licensed as a Credit Institution by the Bank of France (Registration Number: 483632501 R.C.S. Paris).

Saxo Bank Abu Dhabi A/S is licensed by the Central Bank of the United Arab Emirates (License number is CN-1747174)

Saxo Bank Dubai Ltd is licensed by the Dubai Financial Services Authority as a Category 4 financial services firm (Registration number: CL0820).

Saxo Bank FX K.K. is licensed by the Japanese Financial Services Agency (Registration Number: 239).

Saxo Capital Markets South Africa (PTY) Ltd. is registered by the Financial Services Board (Registration Number 40983).

Saxo Capital Markets Hong Kong Ltd. is registered by the Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong (Registration Number 1395901).

Saxo Privatbank A/S is licensed as a Bank by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) (Registration Number: 9695).

Saxo Capital Markets (Australia) Pty. Ltd is registered by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) (Registration Number: 126 373 859).

Saxo Capital Markets Menkul Değerler A.S. is a fully authorized and licensed brokerage house regulated by the Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMBT). License No: G-042(405) (Trade Registration Number: 228474).

Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) 

Saxo Bank

​LEILegal NameCity ​Country
​529900EV6BXWNSFD7E06​Saxo Bank (Schweiz) AG​Zollikon​CH
​5493006J6F7FHI8EDQ90​Saxo ​​Privatbank A/S​Hellerup​DK
​549300TL5406IC1XKD09​Saxo Bank A/S​Hellerup​DK


Saxo Banque

​LEI ​Legal Name ​City ​Country
529900GKVAC3FS5C8840Saxo Banque (France)ParisFR​


Saxo Capital Markets

​LEI ​Legal Name ​City ​Country
​5299008T5RHLJHTP2562Saxo Capital Markets HK LimitedHong Kong​HK
​2138002TJAEVDAI8BF78​Saxo Capital Marlets UK ltd​London​GB
52990041GUUCABWVC636​Saxo Capital Markets Pte Ltd​Singapore​SG
​5299009RT0HATEI73I87​Saxo Capital Markets (Australia) Pty Ltd​Sydney​AU
52990024NXOLHWY3B164​Saxo Capital Markets CY LimitedLimassol​​CY


Member Information Table (GIIN)

Legal Name of
Member Financial
Country Member Type  GIIN
​Saxo Bank A/SDenmark​​​​​Reporting Model 1 FFI2IN0H9.00000.LE.208
​Saxo Capital Markets Australia Pty Ltd​Australia ​Reporting Model 1 FFI​2IN0H9.00009.ME.036
Saxo Capital Markets CY Limited ​​Cyprus Reporting Model 1 FFI2IN0H9.00008.ME.196
​Saxo Privatbank A/S​Denmark ​Reporting Model 1 FFI​2IN0H9.00005.ME.208
​Saxo Banque SAS France​France Reporting Model 1 FFI​2IN0H9.00003.ME.250
​Saxo Capital Markets HK Limited​Hong Kong Reporting Model 2 FFI​2IN0H9.00012.ME.344
​Saxo Bank Securities LtdJapan ​Reporting Model 2 FFI​2IN0H9.00006.ME.392
​Saxo Capital Markets Pte Ltd​Singapore ​Reporting Model 1 FFI​2IN0H9.00011.ME.702
​Saxo Capital Markets SA Pty Ltd​South Africa Reporting Model 2 FFI​2IN0H9.00010.ME.710
​Saxo Bank Schweiz AG​Switzerland ​​Reporting Model 2 FFI​2IN0H9.00001.ME.756
Saxo Capital Markets UK Limited​​United Kingdom​Reporting Model 1 FFI​2IN0H9.00002.ME.826​