Trade for gold

Choose your team. Plan your strategy. GO for gold.

Are you ready to pick the best teammates and confront your colleagues in the first ever team trade game run across entire Saxo Group?

Would you consult the ‘Greeks’ and trade ‘cable’ and ‘kiwi’ or would you rather invest in ‘kangaroos’?

Should you take a chance and team up with your bosses or be bold and strike out putting your talents against theirs?

Team trading is more fun than you think and gives you the unique opportunity to network with others in the Bank.

Need any tips?

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  • The teams should consist of three (3) people. You are encouraged to form mixed teams with people from different departments. This will enhance the learning experience for all.

  • Team members should be located in the same country.

  • Sign up with your team’s name and your initials (e.g. ProTraders-MLE)

  • Individual sign-ups are welcome too and people will be teamed up with other individuals by the organizer.

  • The accounts will reset in the end of the first week and only the top 10 performing teams will continue to the second round.

  • You must do at least 9 trades per team weekly.

  • You have access to the full potential of trading (FX crosses, stocks, options, futures, CFDs and more)

  • Winners will be assessed on the basis of account growth. (All players will start with USD 100,000 in their account.)

  • Game starts on March 7th 2016 (UTC 00:00) and ends March 20th 2016 (UTC 23:59)

  • System performance can sometimes impact a trade game. If such an event occurs the judge’s decision would be final and binding

For any questions contact male@saxobank.com