How fixed can Fixed Spreads get?

With Fixed Spreads from Saxo Bank, you don't have to wonder what price you’ll pay to trade FX. Place your risk in the market. Not in your price.

Check our full performance at trades above 5M and across currency crosses.

Historic performance does not necessarily guarantee future performance.

Fixed Spreads. Best Execution.

Saxo Bank’s commitment to best execution doesn’t end at fixed spreads:

No slippage with Green Pricing

There is no slippage on any trades executed with Saxo Bank's Green Pricing concept. The price you see and click on is always the same price on your trade confirmation.

What is Green Pricing?

Thanks to Saxo Bank’s unique and direct price execution, you will never experience any price difference between the Green Price you click on and the price you find in your trade confirmation. In other words, with Saxo Bank 'What You See is What You Get', - no slippage!

What is slippage?

When trading with other brokers, you may have experienced an unexpected difference between the price you clicked on, and the price you saw in your trade confirmation. That’s slippage!

For instance, in a typical EURUSD trade of EUR 400,000, even 2 pips of slippage will cause you to lose USD 80. See example below.

Example of slippage

You BUY 400,000 EURUSD CLICK@1.2671
The price you expect to
execute your trade at
USD 506,840
Expected USD equivalent
The price you see
in your trade confirmation
USD 506,920
Actual USD equivalent
Your loss due to slippage   USD 80

When do Saxo Bank show Green prices?

Green prices are shown for almost all currency crosses except a few exotic crosses up to a trade amount of EUR 25M but not during extreme volatile market conditions – for example during economic news events. During such market conditions our clients can Request For a Quote (RFQ).

A yellow price indicates that the price is not directly available for the given trade amount. Upon request, a dealer will quote you a green two way price allowing you to trade with no slippage, even during extremely volatile, fast moving market conditions and with high trading amounts.

To avoid off market executions from poor internet connections or fast moving markets - Saxo Bank protects its clients by not executing trades if the last market price has moved significantly from the execution request.

Instead Saxo Bank's symmetric execution system will allow you to submit another trade request so you can get the latest available market price.

No-Slip Stop Orders

When ever you need to get out of a position Saxo Bank offers a No-Slip Stop Order policy giving you certainty of your stop loss orders.

What is a No-Slip Stop Order?

A stop order is usually used to limit possible losses on a given position. Saxo Bank believes providing certainty on exiting losing positions is one of the most important execution services for our clients.  At Saxo Bank it is simple; all executed No-Slip Stop Orders within the policy are filled at the requested price.

How can you fill a No-Slip stop order when no price is available in the market?

Sometimes the price you have set for your No-Slip stop order is not available in the market (i.e. the market gaps beyond your stop level), but thanks to our No-Slip Stop Order Policy Saxo Bank will cover your possible loss on all 13 Major pairs of up to for example 20 pips gaps in EURUSD.

What about stop loss orders that don't meet the No-Slip policy?

Reducing order slippage and increasing certainty about our clients executions is a core value at Saxo Bank. That's why 99.1% of the time Saxo Bank will fill your stop order at the exact stop level requested in for example EURUSD.


Dedicated liquidity

Saxo Bank offers all clients dedicated liquidity for trades up to EUR 25M.

What is dedicated liquidity?

Liquidity means a demand in the market to buy or sell at a given price levels. Without liquidity you will not be able to get in to a position when you see a favourable trading opportunity, or even worse, to get out of a position when you need it the most.

In case you want to sell a EUR against USD during high volatile market conditions finding a buyer can be very difficult or even sometimes impossible for many brokers. With Saxo Bank dedicated liquidity to each and every client answers this problem.

Trade with a Danish regulated bank

Saxo Bank has set the standard since it was established in 1992. We are a fully licensed and regulated Danish bank specialising in online trading and investment. We offer clients a very high levels of expertise and security. This is why the average deposit of our retail clients are among the largest in the industry.

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Protection of client funds

In the event that a Danish bank (including Saxo Bank) should suspend its payments or go into bankruptcy, retail client deposits are guaranteed by the Guarantee Fund for Depositors and Investors with up to EUR 100,000 for cash deposits.

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