In order to demonstrate commitment to increased transparency within the financial industry, Saxo Bank has taken the initiative to publicise on a monthly basis key figures related to its activity, namely retail assets under management as well as daily average and monthly trading volumes.

Key figures 2016

2016Jan. 2016Feb. 2016Mar. 2016Apr. 2016May. 2016Jun. 2016Jul. 2016Aug. 2016Sep. 2016Oct. 2016Nov. 2016Dec. 2016
Daily average (USD bn)12.912.311.012.411.611.912.6 9.6    
Monthly volume (USD bn)258259254260255261265 221    
Clients' collateral deposits for trading (USD bn)10.7910.9511.6412.0612.2212.2512.79 12.89    


Key figures 2015

2015Jan. 2015Feb. 2015Mar. 2015Apr. 2015May. 2015Jun. 2015Jul. 2015Aug. 2015Sep. 2015Oct. 2015Nov. 2015Dec. 2015
Daily average (USD bn) 10.4 9.8
Monthly volume (USD bn)302179250222219241181220.4 216218  218 226
Clients' collateral deposits for trading (USD bn)10.4711.0910.9111.3111.4611.4111.4511.010.7311.24 11.41 11.29


Key figures 2014

2014Jan. 2014Feb. 2014Mar. 2014Apr. 2014May. 2014Jun. 2014Jul. 2014Aug. 2014Sep. 2014Oct. 2014Nov. 2014Dec. 2014
Daily average (USD bn)13.813.211.410.210.610.8 9.8 10.1 14.6 17.1 15.0 12.5
Monthly volume (USD bn)303264239214234228 215 212 321 392 299 287
Clients' collateral deposits for trading (USD bn)8.128.688.899.089.329.61 9.71 10.01 9.90 9.97 11.37 11.1

Key figures 2013

2013Jan. 2013Feb. 2013Mar. 2013Apr. 2013May. 2013Jun. 2013Jul. 2013Aug. 2013Sep. 2013Oct. 2013Nov. 2013Dec. 2013
Daily average (USD bn)19.418.415.115.614.414.611.910.610.510.411.410.7
Monthly volume (USD bn)427367317342331292273232220238251235
Clients' collateral deposits for trading (USD bn)