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A full range of features

SaxoTrader for iPad, iPhone and Android Phones gives self-directed traders like you many ways to maintain your edge. Experience the power to:

  • Access trading accounts directly
  • Place entry and market orders
  • Manage open orders and positions across all instruments groups
  • View account balance, equity and margin details

Voted Best Mobile Trading Platform

Saxo Bank's award-winning capabilities shine through on our mobile trading app.

Find the opportunities you're looking for, setting your preferences for high-quality streaming content, news and analysis.

Trade anytime, anywhere

  • 182 Forex crosses (including Spot Gold & Silver and Forwards)
  • FX Options
  • Over 9,000 CFDs (including Stocks, Index-trackers and Commodities)
  • Stocks from 36 major exchanges
  • Futures contracts from 22 exchanges

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  • Orientation Support

    SaxoTrader for iPad provides you with
    an iPad optimised trading layout and
    interaction flow, supporting both
    portrait and landscape mode.
  • Watchlist

    Once you have selected an instrument,
    the trade ticket offers you the trade
    types available for the selected
    instrument, such as:

    • Order - trade the instrument using a
    Market, Limit or Stop order
    • Trade – trade the instrument at the
    current market price (spot) or as
    a Forward
    • FX Option – trade the FX cross as an
    FX Option (Where available)
    • Related stop and limit orders can
    be also be placed along with trades
    and orders.
  • News

    Selecting news from the main
    menu, will provide you with all the
    subscription based news associated
    with your account, updating and
    presented in chronological

    Selecting a news item will display
    the entire article
  • Account summary panel

    The Account Summary Panel is always
    visible at the bottom of the screen and
    provides you with a quick overview of
    your account(s), detailing:

    • Cash balance – the cash available for
    opening new cash-instrument positions
    (stocks, ETFs, ETCs)
    • Account value
    • Margin available for opening new
    margin positions
    (Forex, CFDs and Futures)
    • Margin utilization of open
    margin positions
  • Open positions

    Select Open Positions from the Main
    Menu for an overview of your current
    positions in the market. Net positions,
    containing a number of individual
    positions for the instrument, are shown
    with a special trading product icons.
    Selecting a net position will expand to
    display the individual positions.

    The actions column provides you with
    the following options for that
    particular instrument:

    • Close position
    • Add Related orders
    • View position details.
    • Selecting one will display a pop-up
    with the actions available for that
    particular instrument.
  • Open orders

    Open orders provides you with details
    for that particular order, as well as the
    options of cancelling, editing or viewing
    details for that particular order.
    Selecting one will display a pop-up with
    the actions available for that particular

    The actions column provides you with
    the following options for that particular

    • Delete order
    • Edit order
    • View order details.
  • Notifications

    Selecting notifications will display any
    trade or order confirmations during
    your current session.Notifications are
    stored on a session basis and are
    removed once trading session is ended
    by logging out.

    Historical trading account activity is
    available from the desktop trading

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