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    Online trading has never been more flexible than with the
    SaxoWebTrader platform, which allows individuals to trade
    multiple asset classes, personalise the interface and choose
    from an array of charts, prices, market research, data
    sources and news feeds, designed to continually strengthen
    market positions.
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Complete product range

182 FX crosses (incl. Spot Gold/Silver), 9,000+ CFDs, 22  Index-tracking CFDs, ETFs, Stocks from 36 exchanges, as well as FX Options, Futures contracts and other derivatives

Web based technology

No downloading or installation required. New user-friendly interface with enhanced workspace flexibility.

Fast execution

One-click trading for fast execution.Real-time FX prices, constant updating of Account Summary and news from major establishments and market updates from Saxo Bank.

Flexible online Trading

By providing extreme mobility and around the clock access to trading accounts, Saxo Bank clients have never been better equipped to trade the global financial markets.

The browser-based SaxoWebTrader offers online trading access to Forex, FX Forwards, Spot Gold & Silver, CFDs, Index Tracking CFDs, Stocks, ETFs and ETCs. The SaxoWebTrader requires no download or installation, and is accessible behind most firewalls. A SaxoWebTrader account also allows integrated access to the comprehensive, professional SaxoTrader and the SaxoMobileTrader


Quick introduction


User-friendly interface

The navigation structure is enclosed within a graphical, ribbon-style menu, and icons clearly differentiate the products. The ribbon menu:

  • Organises related functions and features within the respective tab: Trading, Account, News & Research
  • Sorts modules by function: all trade tickets are collapsed under 'Trade Modules' and the order modules under "Orders"

Open Positions Module

You can view and manage positions and related orders in one integrated workflow:

  • Close positions and quickly set stop and limit orders within one workflow 
  • Add, remove and sort columns for a customised display 
  • Hide closed and square positions 
  • See distance from stop and limit levels with the order progress bar

Account Toolbar

Account information is now always visible in a screen efficient layout displaying:

  • Cash balance 
  • Account value 
  • Available margin 
  • Margin utilisation 

Click on any value to see its underlying calculations. If you want an overview of multiple accounts, simply add additional toolbars to your workspace.

​​​​Charts in SaxoTrader and SaxoWebTrader

Clients can benefit from the functionality and features of a professional charting subscription, delivered as standard module in SaxoTrader and SaxoWebTrader. Not only does the intuitive design offer great usability, but a range of recently introduced features, such as built in order management, will greatly improve your ability to manage orders and current positions.


Order Management in chart

Full drag and drop functionality when adding new and amending existing orders allows you to manage orders while never leaving the chart.

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View multiple instruments

Analyse the relative strength of two instruments using the comparative chart mode – or simply view multiple instruments with separate price axes.

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Easy-to-use annotation tools

Fast and accurate annotations tools allow you to quickly mark up support and resistance levels, Fibonacci retracement levels – and much more!

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55 built-in technical indicators

The charting module offers a wide range of built-in Trend indicators, Moving Averages, Oscillators, Volume Studies - and more!

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Customisation of indicators

Today's technical traders demand flexibility from their trading software, so all settings of the built-in technical indicators are highly customisable..

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Period and range selector

Quickly switch between various period and range selections with just one click via the new period and range selector grid.

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Financial news and calendar

Saxo Bank provides clients with a customisable macroeconomic calendar for data events in the major global economies. Data is displayed in time-line sequence and clients can filter by data type, time period and country. The calendar includes, where possible, consensus estimates and the previous value for macroeconomic data.

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SaxoTrader Apps

Trade from your iPad, iPhone or Android-enabled phone and place orders anytime, anywhere. Access data, news and analysis and log into your account on-the-go.

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