Corporate Account

Corporate Account Application

Applying for a Corporate Account is easy. Just fill in the below document and submit it together with the additional documentation listed below.


Additional Documentation

Along with the above mentioned forms you need to submit additional documentation.

See what documents we require

  • Transcript from local Commerce or Certificate of Incorporation
  • Signed Articles of Association
  • Documentation on who can sign on behalf of the corporate entity (authorised signatories)
  • Official Proof of Identity for all authorized signatories
  • Official Proof of identity and Proof of Residential Address for all Beneficial Owners
  • Supporting documentation of the ownership structure
  • US Tax Certificate

Speed up your application

For faster processing, you can scan all the above documents and email them to us.

See how

You can email them to us at

If you do not have a scanner, you can photograph the pages with a digital camera and attach them to an email to ​​.

Can we help you ?

If you have any questions or need our assistance we are ready to help you through our Support Chat. 

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Please read the General Business Terms carefully before submitting your documents. Saxo Bank reserves the right to request further documentation at any time during the approval process.

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