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How do I get started?

Saxo Academy contains quick start tutorials to get you up and running with Saxo Bank’s trading platforms no matter what experience level you are.

​What security do I have trading with Saxo Bank?

Saxo Bank A/S is a fully licensed and regulated Danish bank, as well as a member of the Danish Guarantee Fund for Investors, an institution established by the Danish parliament.

Please read this page which describes in detail how every client is secured at Saxo Bank with either their deposited securities or cash deposits.

Read more about Saxo Bank’s business and financial results.

Is there a Saxo Bank office near me?

Saxo Bank has offices in 26 countries, covering the world’s major financial centres, including London, Zurich, Dubai, Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong and Paris.

Click here for a map of our locations around the world.

Where is Saxo Bank licensed?

Saxo Bank A/S is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, and is incorporated in Denmark as a licensed bank regulated by the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA).

For complete Saxo Bank license and regulation details see here.

How do I trade Saxo Bank products?

You can trade all Saxo Bank products through our trading platforms:

  • The SaxoTrader platform – a downloadable Windows-based platform, with advanced workspace management (supporting multiple screens) and advanced trading functionality.
  • The SaxoTraderGO platform – a simple HTML5-based platform offering a true cross-device experience from any HTML5 browser on desktop PCs, tablets and Smart Phones.
All Saxo Bank products are tradable from a single account offering a consolidated view of your cash, margin and P/L across all of your trades.

What are fixed spreads?

Click here to learn more about fixed spreads, and why, with Saxo Bank, you can place your risk in the market, not in your price.

Where can I learn more about trading?

Whether you are just starting off, or already have trading experience, a visit to Saxo Academy is a great way to develop the skills needed to trade Forex, CFDs and more.

Need help?

We are ready to assist you. Get in touch with your local Saxo office, by locating their details on our contact page.

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